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Power and Energy Conversion (PEC) Lab

The Power and Energy Conversion Lab supports graduate research work in Power Electronics that includes: advanced power converters, adjustable speed motor drives, power electronics interface for alternate energy sources, electric vehicle charging, wireless power transfer applications, and power quality issues. Design, simulation, prototype construction, testing and evaluation of power converters are done in the laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with test stations along with associated instrumentation for experimental evaluation. These include power converter circuit boards (low power and high power), associated control equipment, computers, measurement tools, high precision oscilloscopes, load modules, motors etc. The laboratory is also equipped with Texas Instruments state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based controller boards and associated software used to control the power converters. High power PV and wind generation emulators, real time hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems (Typhoon HIL and OPAL-RT) are available for real time prototype testing.